Posted on February 28, 2012

Hello – welcome to my blog!

Now, before I get down to business, I felt it was only fitting for the opening post on my blog to be a little bit about me & mine, so … here we go!

I’m Jody.  I’m thirty … something.  Originally from Brisbane.  Living in Melbourne (and loving it).  A (lapsed) classically trained violinist.  Long-time photography enthusiast, stretching back to when my mother gave me my first camera back in Year 7 (I won’t say how many years ago that was, just in case you work out the “something” in thirty-something … a girl has to have a little bit of mystery!).  Lover of the arts – photography, music, ballet, visual art, fashion, architecture.  Instagram addict.  Domestic goddess.

Ok … so one of those statements above is stretching the truth a little a fair bit.  I’ll let you decide which one.

Matthew.  My big love.  Also thirty-something.  Workaholic.  Frequent traveller.  Best. Dad. Ever.

Charlotte.  My little love. 2.5 years old. Light of our lives.  Our own little piece of awesome.

And below, just a few of my favourite images of us.

 Coming soon:  a bump, some babies, some little people & some families.  See you again soon!

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