Today, on our last day in Sydney before heading to Melbourne, the three of us headed back to Manly for the afternoon for some beach fun before meeting up with some friends.  Also, to just soak up as much “Australiana” as we can before we head overseas.

Charlotte was thrilled.  She loves the beach – jumping over the waves, running away from them, digging in the sand.  Matthew left us both at the beach and headed off to grab some fish & chips, and then Charlotte decided to run off to have a bit of a splash in the shallows.

Unfortunately, a few minutes after this was taken, our poor girl was stung by something.  We think sea lice, as they stung me after touching her, and then her Dad as well.

I have never heard her screaming in pain like that before.  It was heart-wrenching.  And ear-splitting.  I found myself wishing for a few more arms as I vainly attempted to collect the belongings of three people, all while trying to hold & console a distraught three year old, screaming about how much it hurt.  Despite the beach being absolutely packed, help was nowhere to be found.

We had originally cancelled our plans to catch up with our friends as our poor girl was so distressed, but we ended up popping into his shop (also in Manly) to administer some first aid.  Thankfully some warm water, some “special cream” (cream and bandaids fix all ails in this household!) and some apple juice and our little love was all fixed.


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