My daughter is, quite simply, a goose.  She’s an entertainer, a comedian, and an absolute quirkasaurus.  She’s a typical Leo in almost every sense – she loves being the centre of attention and she loves to make people laugh.  She’s also incredibly imaginative & creative, and this started at a very early age – I can clearly remember her engaging in imaginative play at twelve months old, which absolutely blew me away.  If I had to guess now what she would be when she grows up, I would have to say an entertainer of some sort.

Her most favourite thing to do at the moment is sing, and dance.  But rarely does she stick to the usual words of the song – she changes them to suit her mood, her surroundings, her current activities.  And always, always, if she changes the words, when she finishes, she informs us “That was a tricky song!”.  Her creativity and imagination are astounding.

Yesterday, in between packing, packing & more packing, I snuck down to visit my girl, who is spending a couple of days with her Grandma & Pop.  Pop was watering the lawn & cleaning the driveway, and it didn’t take long for Charlotte to go from getting her feet wet to the whole shebang.  Of course, this necessitated a song, and a dance!  “I’m a duck, I’m a duck, I’m a quack quack duck! I’m a penguin! Swim, swim, swim, la la laaaaaaaa!”.

She is amazing.  She rocks my world.


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