I’m a little lost for words when it comes to today’s photo.  I feel like I have so much to say, but that nothing will come out.  I know I won’t be able to adequately express myself, no matter how long I sit here & look at this screen, and down at the keyboard.

I don’t believe in soulmates.  But if I did, Nichole would be mine.  I have literally never known my life without her in it – she being my cousin, and having been born three years & three days before I was.  She’s more like a sister than a cousin, and she’s absolutely my best friend in the entire world.  In fact, I think if we were sisters, we wouldn’t be as close as we are, as we have managed to avoid any sibling-y type conflict.  I can honestly say that I can’t recall even as much as a disagreement between us.

It’s been a blessing to be in Brisbane the past five months, in that we have been able to spend so much time together.  Nichole has Wednesdays off, and we’ve spent almost every one together – sometimes with Charlotte, sometimes with Jess, sometimes all four of us, and sometimes just the two of us.  And every one has been so special, but bittersweet, knowing that our time together is coming to an end.  Our two little families just fit perfectly together – all six of us pretty much just plain adore each other.

I’ve always looked up to Nichole.  She’s one of my role models as a mother, and a person.  She’s not had an easy life, but she has raised two beautiful children into two incredible young adults and I am so very proud of her.  If I can be half the mother she is, then I will be over the moon.

Nichole, you already know how much I love you.  I cannot wait until you come to visit us in Switzerland, and we can tick off some of the things in your book & do everything in the brochure as well. xo


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