Like a lot of people, I don’t make it into photos often.  Naturally, I’m more comfortable behind the camera, but generally it’s because the opportunity just doesn’t avail itself to me all that often.  Every now and then, someone will take a photo of me, usually with Charlotte, or with Matthew, or both.  And even more rarely, I will have my photo taken with friends.  I could fill albums with pictures of me & friends from my teenage years, and even into early adulthood, yet for the past ten years or so I’d be lucky to scrape a few pages together.  The photos I have of me with friends are some of my most treasured possessions, so I am making it my mission to play catch-up over the next month (sorry, friends!).

Enter – the photo booth!  At Emma & Blake’s wedding, they had a photo booth.  It was a hoot!  I don’t know if it was the privacy of the curtain, the knowledge that there was nobody behind the camera or the champagne (possibly a combination of all three), but I had no hesitation whatsoever in being snapped … and multiple times!  I now have a good start to my updated collection of photos of me with friends.  And that makes me smile.

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