After our day & night in Canberra, my little love & I got back in the car and headed off to Wollongong to catch up with two more sets of big & little friends.  Charlotte has missed her little friends desperately since we’ve been in Brisbane, so our trip to NSW has already been a source of great happiness for her.  And me, for that matter!

It’s always interesting to watch her interact with new friends – and they are friends too, oh the joy of being a child.  Yesterday, with her first new friend, I witnessed the following interaction:

CJ: You’re my friend.  Elena: Yes.

And it’s as simple as that.

I have now watched her with five different sets of siblings (10 children in all) over the past three days, and she’s played differently with every single one of them.  Kane is a year older than Charlotte, but they clicked immediately and it was so sweet to see them together.  They seemed quite similar in personality, and I have no doubt that if they lived closer together that they would be firm friends in no time.

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