Posted on October 23, 2012

Teeny Tiahn captured my heart from the moment I saw her.  So beautiful, so snuggly, and with the most perfect head of hair I think I’ve ever seen on a newborn baby.  She was just captivating.

Now sweet little Tiahn had it in for me.  And my scarf.  There were not one, not two, but three explosions.  It seemed every time I touched her, I hit the trigger and whoosh!  Her poor mama was absolutely horrified at what her teeny tiny little petal had done, despite my protests that it was fine and, in fact, expected.  While she was off in the other room cleaning her up … “Oh my GOD!” … her sister and I were in tears of laughter.  And really, who could possibly stay mad at this little beauty?  But … I should point out that when I delivered the disc of images the same thing happened, another three times.  I clearly have a (somewhat dubious) super-power.

Dom & Paul – thank you for the absolute pleasure of photographing your sweet girl.  She is divine, and I can’t wait to photograph you all again at the end of the year. xo


Teeny toes

Now big brother Jaxon wanted no part of family photos – in fact, this little techno-bunny was far more interested in investigating the operations of my camera.  I did manage to snap a quick one of him though … those curls are amazing!  Talk about follicly-blessed children in this family!

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