When you’re the photographer of the family – professional or amateur – you don’t tend to make it into many photos.  You spend so much time documenting the little things about your family, but somehow one of the key ingredients always seems to be missing – you.

I am incredibly lucky in that one of my very best friends is an amazingly talented photographer – Karen Pfeiffer.  She has photographed my pregnancy, Charlotte as a newborn, as well as her first and second birthday portraits.  She is responsible for some of my most favourite photographs of the three of us, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I’m not so grateful for the 800 or so kilometres that separate us … but I still manage to nick across to Radelaide a few times a year!

So, on my last trip to see Karen it was time for some payback – time to get that gorgeous girl in front of the camera for a change, and capture a few moments of her with her beautiful brood.  These guys & girls may not be blood, but they are my family & I’m very blessed to have them all in my life.

Charlotte even named her little dollhouse baby after Grace – how adorable is that?

My darling Karen, thank you so much for letting me pay you back ever so slightly for all of the photographs you’ve taken of the three of us.  It was equal parts terrifying & wonderful to be photographing ‘The Master’.  Love you heaps! xo

This is my favourite kind of photograph – candid & natural.  I love seeing the bond between siblings, it’s such a special thing to see.

And just a few of her gorgeous babies … these kids are like my “extras”.  I absolutely adore them.

Harry is usually Mr Sensible (he’s adorable, it’s like he was born a little old man) – but he can still get his groove on!

And one last image to finish off with … poor Gracie.  The look on her face cracks me up!  It’s like “Really?  You’re really doing this to me?”

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